Thursday, March 26, 2009

U Albany Chronicles the "Reverse Stalker"

The Albany Student Press has chronicled the "Reverse Stalker," who is so good at stalking girls that he actually gets them to invite him over for sex and to talk. Now that's creepy!

Girls: avoid the stalker


Issue date: 3/24/09 Section: Opinion

Girls are not always adept at reading "guy signals." Sometimes, girls do not realize when they are being rejected or blown off. Guys claim they don't send mixed messages and girls tend to overanalyze the situation. However, girls are not the only ones that refuse to see the obvious, there are many guys who do not know when to quit.

It seems as if the guy that you like is never the guy that likes you, but there always seems to be a mediocre guy in your life that worships you. This guy is known as "the stalker."

He is unaware that he is thought of as a stalker and usually thinks he knows exactly how to play the game. Why do we keep this guy around if he repulses us? Most girls do keep this guy on the back burner just in case they have a lame night and they need someone to drunk text.

However, girls need to be careful because once they "accidentally" hook up with this guy he will follow them around for the rest of their lives.

Imagine it is Friday night and you're at a party with your friends. You've just taken you're fifth shot which of course puts you over the edge and at this moment you feel the need to text someone. If the guy you actually want fails to answer, you may text your back-up guy. Of course, he is willing to meet you wherever you are and you go home with him. At this point you have intense beer goggles on and you think this guy is so much hotter than he looked in class yesterday. It seems like hooking up with him is a great idea and after you do your friends drag you home.

You wake up the next morning with a splitting headache and immediately regret everything you did the night before. You feel embarrassed and regretful and as soon as you put the hook up out of your mind, you get a text. "Hey, wats up, what are you up to today."

Oh shit ... You'll never get rid of him. This guy will be hooked on you forever. You knew he liked you and now he's interpreting a drunken hookup as a symbol of love and affection. When you see the text you cringe and close your phone but this is not the end.

At about 9:00 p.m. the next night you are pre-gaming in your room and you get another text from him. "Hey, thanks for answering me this morning." OK, we can forgive him for failing to get the hint after one unanswered text but it does not end there.

I think every girl can relate to the concept of the stalker guy. You ignore his texts and calls except when you're unbelievably wasted and he is at your beck-and-call whenever you do decide to acknowledge his existence. I think it is difficult for these guys to realize when girls are not into them because they think girls are simply playing hard to get. Guys are attracted to girls who present them with a challenge. Therefore, every time you ignore him and treat him like shit, he becomes more attracted to you.

This is why the guys we don't want are all over us and the guys we do want treat us like shit. I think many girls are too eager when it comes to guys they are interested in because they want to pursue them. When a girl doesn't care about a guy, she's not trying to impress him and that seems to make her more attractive.

The best advice I can give is to avoid hooking up with the "creeper" regardless of how amazing he looks through your beer goggles.

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