Thursday, March 26, 2009

10 More Dating Tips From Dr. Joe, Love Guru

10. Always nod your head and agree whatever the woman says; they like that sort of stuff.
9. Try not to reveal that you have no tounge until the second date.
8. It is not wise to tell your date that you are "Bitchin'" in bed within the first five minutes.
7. Whatever you do, do not, ever, pay for your meal. Always ask if the girl would like to split the tab, because it shows that you don't want to make decisions without her.
6. Do not bring up your fascination with Dungeons and Dragons and Star Wars under any circumstances.
5. Be loose and play practical jokes on your date, such as unscrewing the salt shaker, or tripping her down a metal flight of stairs.
4. Always laugh at what your date says, regardless of how unfunny it is. Even the stuff about her mother dying in a car accident just a week and a half ago.
3. Show off your manliness by threatening to beat up other, smaller men who have been “eyin’ your lady.”
2. Try not to go up to your date, smile, and ask, “Very nice, how much?”
1. Be a gentleman and be polite. Always ask to open things for her, like a door or a bottle. Do not, however, ask her if she could “open your pants.”

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Alezend said...

He is very wise indeed.

Anonymous said...

I'll try this tonight!

Unknown said...

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