Friday, March 27, 2009

Joe's Babe of the Week

Hello from the jungles of Prussia as Dr. Joe telegraphs home his newest iteration of his patented Babe of the Week segment. I've went through thousands of mimeographs and have prepared perhaps the sweetest babe that money or sweet talk can buy.

Joe's Babe of the Week:
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda is what every man wants in a woman: snotty, whiny, and with a great bod. She's been on the circuit for forty years, and I don't just mean Hollywood. With her stunning blond hair and a voice that could shatter a grown man's heart, this babe is perhaps the hottest Dr. Joe has gotten his hands on.

Known for her great patriotism, Jane is known for killing over a hundred American pilots in Vietnam, and for shooting down Senator John McCain. Patriotism runs deep in her veins, as she carried on her anti-war work in the States, convincing the Viet Cong to kill thousands more American soldiers.

So if you catch one of her movies, don't boycott it. Pull up a chair and open a beer.

Joe's Bulge-o-meter: 9.0 Hanois up
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Anonymous said...

What a WHORE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

bitch at least a whore can provide a useful service.

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