Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Approval Falls to 49%

President Obama's approval rating has fallen below 50%, according to one Zogby poll. This is below the 53% that he received in the 2008 elections and represents a watershed moment in his Presidency.

Americans appear to be losing faith in the President's handle of the American government. As an executive, Obama has shown some initiative but very little command. He has been unable to adequately corral his vast majorities in Congress to his advantage. While the stimulus bill was passed, little else of his Congressional agenda seems to be going forward.

Other than that, the President has done some unpopular things, like consider bringing Guantanamo terrorists to the US or releasing them, providing foreign money for abortions, and restricting oil drilling. The President received a mandate, but seems to be squandering it in a partisan, strong-armed fashion.

This was not the bipartisanship he promised, and in fact, is very far from it. He needs to correct or face a Jindal presidency in 2013.

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