Friday, March 20, 2009

At this rate, Obama will be as unpopular as Bush by July 4th

According to Rasmussen reports (the only polling company that anyone should trust, because they are very accurate on most issues and polling data), Barack Obama now only has an approval rating of 55%, while he has an disapproval rating of 43%, these are higher levels of disapproval, and lower levels of approval then any other President has seen this early into an administration. The poll also found, regardless of what Democrats think, an overwhelming majority of Americans support tough immigration laws, and to weed out illegals.

At this rate of decline, Obama could have or be below George Bush's approval numbers by July 4th of this year.
Recall election anybody?

Also according to a poll on , which is a heavy favorite by liberals so any poll takes a while to balance out with Conservatives,
if the 2012 Presidential election was today, with Obama as the Democrat nominee, and Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee :
46% would vote for Obama
41% would vote for Palin
13% would vote for neither.
About 334,000 have voted in this poll, with Obama only having a 14,000 advantage.

So it looks like Sarah Palin 2012 has a good following, Obamas wheels are falling off, and if this poll had an equal percentage of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, I am quite sure it would be dead tied.

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Anonymous said...

This is a totall no brainer. only a socialist could have voted for the guy... Well, I guess that tells us where America is at!

Anonymous said...

Question: How long before he reaches less than 5% popularity?

Will he have the guts to resign, or will he stand and hold up the "V" for victory hand sign and growl: "I WON! I WOOOOONNNNNN! I AM THE ONE!" and then flip us a double Hawaiian Good Luck sign?

Anonymous said...

You must be drunk!!

This guy is the best thing that has happened to America in the past four decades. Pools are finally showing that World hatred toward Americans is going down.
Stupid conservatives!