Friday, March 27, 2009

A Call to Action for Joe C.

Alright, Joe C., we've waited long enough for you to post an article you actually write yourself. The most recent was written by me...

So here's an observation: Alezend, alone, has written as many articles as you have in the last two months. What's worse, Alezend only started writing this week.

Therefore, I declare a competition started between Joe C. and Alezand. I do not believe that death to the loser is strong enough, no, no, we must do something more drastic. Okay, the end result is thus: if Joe C. doesn't post more articles than Alezend in the next week, starting today, he is not, I repeat, is not, allowed to be on his computer more than 20 hours a day. If Alezend writes less, he must not go insane over a certain person for an entire hour.

I know both punishments are very severe, but Joe C. must learn his place.

Also, has anyone seen Mr. K lately?

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Anonymous said...

Joe C. doesn't stand a chance!

Anonymous said...

You have a writer named Joe? How come he never posts?