Thursday, March 26, 2009

Joe's Financial Pick of the Week

Dr. Joe, PhD would like to tell everyone a tale. A tale of monsters and Libertarians. Yes, this harrowing tale has to do with perhaps the greatest business opportunity of your or your ancestor's lives.

Joe's Financial Pick:
Silent Movies
With the invention of the photograph just several years ago, we are now on the dawn of a new age of entertainment. With people being afraid of catching the influenza, they will stop their picnicking and instead cram into a theater and watch the newest contraption.

With tales of exotic places like Poland or Kansas, the silent film can take you to places that you would never want to visit. You can see the amazing sub-humans of France or the strange cultures of cannibals in Siam. You can watch the movie and almost think that you are being eaten by King Kong.

So watch and be amazed!

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