Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 Other Things You Did Not Know About President Obama

10. Is considered the best President since George W. Bush.
9. Always checks to make sure his tires are inflated on Air Force One to get better gas milage.
8. Has two daughters whose future he's ruining with over-spending.
7. Originally thought the "Stimulus Bill" had nothing to do with money.
6. Is an expert at playing the world's smallest violin.
5. Speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian, and Teleprompter.
4. Can read and control minds with his good looks.
3. Secretly wished that when he promised "Change" that people would think he meant several quarters.
2. Once thought the country of Hungary was full of hungry people.
1. Hopes that the Congress will accept his new plan for Afghanistan: sending in Chuck Norris.

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