Friday, March 27, 2009

Jim Tedisco for Congress

I would like to make a stand concerning the upcoming election for Congress in Upstate New York. Being an Upstater, this isn't my district, but is a neighbor. That is why, with the health of our nation and state in mind, I endorse Jim Tedisco for Congress.

Tedisco has served our area for years, providing ample representation and job creation. He has stood out as a leader of the Republican caucus and against the runaway growth of government. He has pushed for lower taxes and will benefit our area.

Scott Murphy also has experience, but not nearly as much as Tedisco. Nor does Murphy have the expertise or maturity to take on the role of a United States Congressman.

Tedisco is looking out for Upstate, whether in the State Senate or US Congress. He is a dedicated public servant who will represent us well.

For lower taxes, accountability, and responsibility, vote for Jim Tedisco on March 31.

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