Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Joe's Technology of the Week

Dr. Joe here, coming back from my expedition in Prussia, attempting to convert the local Huns to Christianity. I couldn't understand a damn thing coming out of their mouths, as I was too busy looking at their pointy helmets.

Joe's Technology of the Week:
8 Tracks

The age of the LP is exiting the stage and the replacement is the 8 Track. So take your Pinto and put in a player, cause we can drive to disco all night. These tiny tapes are only four inches long and can give you up to forty minutes of music. They are so popular, there is even talk of them replacing television.

My advice is to buy all of the 8 Tracks you can, before everyone else can get ahold of them. You can impress your neighbors by boogyin' until four in the morning to some of the rockin' tracks. With music from Cher and Starland Vocal Band, you will be one cool cat. So buy before the stores run out!

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