Monday, June 1, 2009

BREAKING at E3: Final Fantasy XIII to be Released This Year

LOS ANGELES CONVENTION CENTER- The Microsoft News conference at this year's E3, which began at approximately at 10:30 a.m. PST, was headlined by surprising news: that Final Fantasy XIII would be released in the United States before the year's end.

The announcement, which was not confirmed before E3, was met with raucous applause by those in attendance. "I can hardly believe it," said Peter Carter, a self-described "avid gamer." "I thought that it would be released only in Japan this year and released in the U.S. next year at best.

"It's great news for me," Carter added. "I love Final Fantasy."

Though met with considerable positivity, the release of the game will not come without controversy. At the press conference, it was stated that, to release Final Fantasy XIII this year, major cuts had to be made in production.

"We always hope for the best," a Microsoft Executive stated, "but to reach our deadline, we may have to consider some unfortunate drawbacks. The thing of it is, the Holiday Season in the United States is just too lucrative to not release Final Fantasy thirteen this year, as opposed to an unknown date in 2010, or even 2011. Even though Square Enix disagreed with us at first, reps from their company relented recently."

When asked what aspects of the game may be weakened because of the early release, he stated, "I don't really know right now. Not only are we not in touch with the top brass at Sony, Square Enix simply told us to announce this news today.

"Maybe the graphics won't be as picture perfect as they hope. Maybe they won't reach the level of testing they normally hold ourselves up to. They may have to cut out some side quests, or even some of the main story.

"But regardless of what we do, I can assure the public that Final Fantasy XIII will be an excellent game that lives up to Microsoft's, and Square Enix's, standards."

Square Enix has not released a press release at the time of this article, but one is expected soon.

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