Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eyes of the world not on Super Bowl

While the Super Bowl is hyped up in the Unted States-cheerleaders, commercials, halftime shows and all-it is not even on the radar screen in the rest of the world. To give some perspective, I will name some sporting events that are in the world's attention which are happening around this weekend or next weekend.

-The finals of the Australian Open tennis tournament wrapped up this weekend, with Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams the men's and women's titles respectively.

-The Super Bowl is probably not the most internationally watched game of football this weekend. That probably went to the Liverpool-Chelsea game earlier today. Fernando Torres scored two late goals as Liverpool beat Chelsea 2-0.

-The Six Nations starts next Saturday, pitting the six best rugby playing nations in Europe against one another.

Just a reminder this Super Bowl Sunday that the sporting world does not revolve around America.

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Experimental said...

It goes for a total of 4 hours. With a half hour half time. First half is An hour and 45 min plus a half hour for half time plus an hour and 45 min second half that makes 3 halves carry the one .

Experimental said...

I like the commercials too. companies use the super bowl to test their markets receptivness to new commercials.