Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Self-Important Celebrity: Obama's Awesome, Dude

Ashton Kutcher, while also in That 70's Show and Punked, is best known for his Nikon commercials. The young actor has taken the bold stand of agreeing with almost everyone around him and smiling politely.

Kutcher even has written a column in the Huffington Post declaring his support for-- you know, stuff:

Four years ago I sat in a hotel room with Israel's Head of State, then former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, where he proceeded to tell me what he felt made America a great country. He said that throughout history America, more than any other nation, has supported itself and consistently extended itself to other countries in need without looking for anything in return. I bit my lip as I thought about our national pursuit of Middle Eastern oil and how much more we could be doing as a country for so many resource depleted nations. I kept my retort to this gracious offering to myself and accepted it as a political offering of good will.

Kutcher met Shimon Peres? What the hell is that about. And he's going to talk him down, one of the most respected diplomats in the world. Give me a break.

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