Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jailed for Making Anti-Islam Film

Geert Wilders, who is a fascist leader in the Netherlands, will be charged for making statements against a religion. While Wilders is characterized by many as just a right-wing politician, his policies of division and strong-armed tactics are either fascist or near-fascist. He should not hold any national office and should be ashamed of many of his policies.

However, this does not mean that he should be in jail or charged for making statements in a free society. In fact, this is one of the statements made by the court:

"The court also considers appropriate criminal prosecution for insulting Muslim worshippers because of comparisons between Islam and Nazism made by Wilders," it added.

What? So many Americans and Europeans were saying, without knowing what it meant, that President Bush was a Nazi. Now all of a sudden it's a crime to compare something with Nazism.

Islam is not Nazism. Islam is not fascism. Islam is the third Abrahamic religion and worship the same God that most people in this country do. However, the fanatics that use and manipulate Islam are fascists and unfortunately, it bred fascists in Europe.

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