Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama to Republicans : Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. What?

Barack Obama has started his first week as President badly, by closing down Gitmo, and by signing an executive order to allow funding for abortions overseas, on the Conservative scale - he is now minus 10.
Obama has just breached the minus 50 point in a matter of one week in office, as he told Congressional Republicans not to listen to Rush Limbaugh (who I listen to almost every day when I can), as if they listen to him things will not get done?


Rush Limbaugh is a Conservative political talk show host commentator, he is on the radio between the hours of 12-3 during the daytime. He is the #1. Talkshow host in the entire United States of America, his endorsement is as golden as his microphone, and his intelligence is as broad as anyone. He was the chief opposition during the Clinton years, and is now reprising his role as the "last man standing against the Obama mania that has entered the Republican party".

I wish the Republicans would listen to him more, but sadly this might be a taste that Obama wants to put in the misnamed "fairness doctrine", as he is advocating once again Conservative anything, and has now showed Conservatives why he was the worst choice for President.

Newsbusters has a good article on this subject here -

Obama, minus 50 on the Conservative scale.

The Republican party needs to stand up to this smuck, they need to become more Conservative!

P.S. :
Mr.Obama I bet it is allright to listen to Media if it fits your viewpoint? Well, I really don't care what you say, because Conservatism is in action! We will never surrender!

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Ted said...

WTF, at least El Rushbo is constitutionally qualified to be President!

Anonymous said...

mr. k, I could think of better conservatives one could listen to than Rush Limbaugh. All he is news talk's version of Howard Stern.

-Joe C.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bill O' Reilly you're such a character.