Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Joe's Technology of the Week

Doctor Joe C., MD, has been so kind to lend his knowledge of all thing scientific-y and write us a weekly column. Dr. Joe has decided that every Wednesday, he will pick out an up-and-coming technology and tell us why it's just awesome.

This week's technology:
ZeppelinsI know that all of you gathered here have heard a lot about the flying machines. Well, this one is a dolly of a new technology. Invented by the merging of science and religion, these new-fangled balloons will take you from Manchester to Calcutta in just six months! And there are genuine servant-boys on board, willing to pour your gin, and not spill it, neither.
The Zeppelin is the pinnacle of human engineering, and by the year 2000, will represent 40% of the global economy. As long as those nightmare Huns don't get the technology first! We must be ever-vigilant in order to make sure that these indestructible behemoths are not used for the purposes of piracy!

The Zeppelin, the wonder of tomorrow!

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