Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Movie Review-- Valkyrie

I was fortunate enough to see the movie Valkyrie with Tom Cruise a little while back. Overall, it was a positive experience. Cruise was good in the role of Count Stauffenburg and the rest of the supporting staff was good. This was particularly the case for the actor that played General Frohm.

The film was mostly historically accurate, but appeared to give too much leeway to Cruise's character. While Stauffenburg is a hero who did much to stop the Third Reich, the rest of the organization against Hitler was ignored in the film. For example, Erwin Rommel's role (which would later cause his suicide) was not included.

The movie was directed well, as the action left the viewer in suspense. This is an excellent feat, considering that most people must know how the adventure ends. Scenes are interposed excellently and even many technical details of the plot are used.

This movie is a must for history buffs, and is a good movie for those who are not. Even Hitler was in it. Good and to the point, this film earns:

3.5 stars/4.

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