Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remembering Dubya

Since it is Bush's final day in office, I will reflect on his last eight years briefly. First, I will qualify that I personally like the guy. He is a man with deep convictions and faith. This can be easily seen in his commitment to funding AIDS in Africa and his moral clarity in the War on Terrorism. Even in his final days, his gracious transition with Barack Obama showed his moral character. If this were just a test of being a good guy, he would beat Bill Clinton and Barack Obama by a mile.

Unfortuately, his character did not translate to success during his presidency. He had a few bright spots in his presidency, like his ability to unite the country after 9/11. However, this marked the height of his popularity.

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Experimental said...

It's bad enough that our 401k's plummeted in value when the stock market tanked but many seniors actually depend on their Social Security payments.

Experimental said...

They did not want to "merge social security with the stock market." Privatizing means that people would be able to have control over the money they put into social security.

Anonymous said...

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