Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Begins to Show His Teeth

"No Drama Obama"

That was the mantra for months. Tight lids on everything, strict media control, and being silent when being silent was the smart thing to do. Now, this isn't quite the case.

It appeared that there was a hiccup in control with the breaking of the Blagojevich case. An ally of Obama from his own state was going down. And Obama was very swift to tell Blago to take the fall, and better yet, keep his mouth shut.

Next the President decided to rub it in his colleagues in Washington by telling them flatly that 'he won.' That's it. He's tired of playing the bipartisan game, and if you're not on board, then you've got some issues. Worse yet, he'd make it difficult for you. A classic power play.

And now he's moving to take down Rush Limbaugh. Obviously Obama doesn't want people listening to his opposition, but he made it into a showdown. Normally, you explain why you are interesting and correct, not just command people to stop listening to talk radio. I'm not the biggest fan of Rush or talk radio, but it's an insult to Republicans.

This is just the beginning. Soon, Obama may have an 'enemies list' like Nixon. And unlike Nixon, if Obama wants to take you down, his organization is tight enough to cover it up-- or justify it.

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