Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Need to Give the New President the Benefit of the Doubt

President Barack Obama's first full day of office begins today. Whether we thought he was the right pick for the job, we need to put our country first. We need to make sure that he has the respect of the American people. While we may not like some of the things he's said or done, he has not soiled the office of the President. Thusly, we need to make sure that he has the opportunity to do a good job and make us proud.

He needs our compassion, as he is taking the most difficult job in the world. He will be faced with decisions that could kill thousands, and needs to know that we will not badger him for no reason. Even if he is a great President, there will be times that we will disagree with him. We can't let little things get in the way.

This nation will face hard times over the next four years. Foreign crises and the economy could cause havoc. This is why the new President needs to focus and do his best. He can't have griping on his mind. We've seen the effects of unnecessary assholery. We can't suffer it again. The Republicans did it in the 1990s, when President Clinton should have been focusing on Iraq and bin Laden. Instead, he was mired in impeachment hearings. President Bush was called every name under the book, mainly by those who would believe their IQs so grand that they could decode the genome, while they could not even get through three semesters at college.

So we need to be civil, if nothing else. Even if you believe that President Obama doesn't deserve it, America does.

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