Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Research has found....

According to my research of international polling data on the 2008 Presidential elections, I found some interesting nations we're left out of the poll question of the year :

John McCain

Barack Obama

Not sure

Some of these nations include Georgia, Iraq, Israel, Czech Republic, and other nations that we are good friends with and actually admire us, through some digging I have found out the following :

Israel preferred McCain nearly by 15 points more.

The invaders (Palestinians) liked McCain 3-4 points more then Obama.

Georgia liked McCain more, as did the Phillipines & Iraq.

My question is, why did no-one in the troll media ever launch polls into nations like Iraq, Georgia, Israel, Czech republic, Japan, but launched polls into South Africa, Niger, Kenya, and Taiwan?

All I know, is that the media is the most leftist un-truthful source in this world, as evidenced of Al Frankens stolen election in Minnesota - to no media scrutiny!

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