Monday, January 26, 2009

Joe's Lock of the Week

Hello, everyone. Although I feign to think that any of you need to be convinced further of my breadth of ridiculous intelligence, it has come to my attention that there are "professional" sporting teams that play each other. So, Dr. Joe has decided to throw his hat in and predict some games.

This week's lock:

The Sacramento Kings over the Cleveland Cavaliers, 125-100, on January 27

I have learned from a source that the Kings have several people who are very athletic on their team. Furthermore, I have been told that the Kings have one or two persons who are over six feet in height. With such overwhelming odds, I cannot conceive the Cavaliers as having a chance in this game called basket-ball.Although the Kings may be 3 and 20 on the road, I believe convincingly that they can vanquish the Cavaliers at home, even though Cleveland is undefeated there. I have also heard of a man called LeBron James, who makes over, and I am not exaggerating this, $100,000 a year. Such shenanigans will not help the Cavaliers, for I, the almighty Joe, have predestined it.
Remember ladies and gents, Joe does not condone gambling, for it feeds the devil's veins.


Anonymous said...

Joe, you cost me 50 beans! They're dusting off the hot seat for me!

Anonymous said...

How did I cost you 50 beans? The game is tomorrow?