Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kosovo Launches Military

The newest independent state in the world, Kosovo, has officially launched a security force. This force, the Kosovo Security Force, will be responsible for security in the small nation.

The new security force is made up of 2,500 civilians and paramilitaries, along with about 800 reservists.

The commander of the Kosovo Security Force (FSK) is General Sylejman Selimi. He says the creation of the force represents the beginning of a new phase in Kosovo.
Kosovo's Prime Minister Hashim Thaci stresses that the FSK is being trained by NATO and that it includes members of all ethnic groups in Kosovo -- mainly ethnic Albanians and Serbs.

"I will be a multiethnic force in the service of the country and all of its citizens," Thaci said. "It will have the full support of the international community and it will work in accordance with Kosovo's constitution and NATO standards."
The FSK replaces the Kosovo Protection Corps. That fledgling security force also was a multiethnic force. But it comprised mostly former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the separatist guerrilla group that had fought against Serbia for independence during the 1990s.


Editor said...

Being of Serbian descent, and being personally against Kosovo on this particular issue, mainly because that was Serbias land in the first place. Distant family members of mine, whom I have never met, surely we're killed by NATO (including a family factory storing weapons) during the attacks on Serbia.

So, I will not comment on this issue, further then what I have already, I hope Kosovo becomes a strong allie of the United States, and helps us in the fight against terrorism.


Editor said...

Also, I am a big supporter of NATO.

Editor said...

I can see your point and I have a personal stake in Serbia too being Orthodox. However, Albanians have been living in Kosovo for over 400 years. By then, it becomes the land of the people who lived there, even if their ancestors stole it. Why should current Kosovars suffer for their great great great great great great grandfathers' deeds? Kosovo is modern, and more importantly, they love America, which is super important to me.