Sunday, January 25, 2009

US Nabbed Iranian Weapons to Hamas?

From World Threats, the United States may have intercepted Iranian arms going to the terrorist group Hamas"

"The news is breaking, but FoxNews is reporting that the American navy has intercepted a ship carrying Iranian arms going to Hamas. This ship flies under the flag of Cyprus. While the destination is unclear, Debka has been reporting that a ship carrying Iranian arms would attempt to send these weapons to Hamas. From Fox:

The search turned up ammunition that included artillery shells. But one official said that since Hamas is not known to use artillery, officials are now uncertain who the intended recipient was. They’re asking Egypt to do another search when the ship arrives in port.

The task force was unable to confiscate the arms, despite the violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution that prohibits Iran from selling arms, because there is no enforcement mechanism in place.

The officials said the shipment is believed to be on its way to Syria and there is little the international community can do to stop it.

Perhaps it’s just another link in Iran’s terrorism chain. It also shows that the U.N. is almost toothless to stop such a violation of its own resolutions."

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