Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ode to Obama

The left will now have a theme song for their superhero:

BarackWhen times were tough
and no one was there to help us
Out of the rough
came someone who was selfless

Who came and solved
all of our worries
And did his best
to do it in a hurry

Riding high with open ears

he was ready to lead the day
ready to take away our fears
and be there to take the pain away Obama, Obama
President of our Hearts

Be merciful, be understanding

And beautiful and smart

Obama, Obama

President of our Hearts
and look to him for wonder
and his words of thunder

Obama, Obama
Who saved America

be with us now

stay with us now

President of our Hearts!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Now... IF we could just set that to music

And then we could just replace the
Star Spangled Banner

Makes you wish to hear that shining pecks allegory again

Anonymous said...

Has everyone in the country that I love lost their damn minds. Why is it that it seems very clear to me that all Obama wants to do is destroy our country. Everything that I have read and seem with my own eyes points in that direction!

Experimental said...

Obama hasnt said anything personally, I think he likes the song. Obama admitted to having Ludacris songs on his I-pod and that he thought Ludacris is very talented.