Friday, January 30, 2009

Proof Obama Took Blagojevich Down

WCHC Chicago
"Wake up, Windy City"

Just hours after the impeachment trial of Governor Rod Blagojevich finished with the Governor's removal, there is now word trickling back to WCHC that the Governor was, in fact, innocent of the charges against him.

"It was purely a witch hunt." said retired professor James Yeats of John Marshall Law School. "In fact, of all the 'evidence' arrayed against Governor Blagojevich, half of it was not deemed admissible by the judge."

When asked what this 'inadmissible' evidence was, Dr. Yeats cited recordings from McDonald's drive-throughs and photos of Pete Rose.

"It was a whitewash, pure and simple."

Sources at the State House believe that the real cause of the Governor's removal was simple politics.

"We know that he had a deal with the Senator [Obama] to become the next Secretary of Commerce." said a former aide to the Governor. "And now Obama got elected and neglected his friend. Rod was going to go public with the broken promise along with other things, and the next morning came the accusations."

Further complicating things was the swift call by Obama for Blagojevich, a long time friend, to step down.

"Obama played Rod the way he needed to, and now that he's reached the top he threw him under the bus." the aide continued. "And Rod was willing to do a lot of things for Barack, but the favors were never repayed."

When asked what things the Governor did for the former Illinois Senator, the aide backtracked.

"Governor Blagojevich wishes not to discuss this issue." the aide stated.

Independent research by WCHC found that up to $200,000 in unmarked funds may have been transferred from the Illinois State Treasury directly or indirectly into Obama's 2008 White House bid.

"This is beyond big." said Dr. Yeats. "The President took down a sitting governor of a state. That's the quickest way to tell your political rivals, including Hillary [Clinton], not to fool with you."

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Anonymous said...

When did Dr. James Yeats tell you this? Where is he from? How does he know this is true? How do you know he is telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

What is "WCHC"?

Can't find WCHC or Dr. James Yeats anywhere. At least not on Google.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Yeats is a big Obama supporter. And that WCHC report is a week old

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