Friday, January 30, 2009

Joe's Superbowl Lock of the Week





It feels like a while but Dr. Joe C. is reporting for duty in order to line your pockets with lots and lots of cash! I know that a lot of you will probably be hammered or staring at some babe, but it's about time you put some cold hard cash down on the game.

It just so happens that Joe C., PhD (analytical physics, UC Berkeley) has some inside information on the game. And it also so happens that in 29 years of calling foot-ball, Joe C. has never, EVER gotten a call wrong. EVER!!!!

So now, for our listening and reading audience, Joe C. will provide for you, free of charge, the next winner of the Super Bowl.

The weather in Tampa is supposed to be a climid 65 degrees on Sunday, and the skies are going to open with the personal blessing of John Madden (rest his soul), on this, the true day of the football year.

And when the kickoff actually arrives, it will show that one of these two teams will have what it takes to take it all the way!

So our winner:

The Oakland Raiders

That's right. You heard it here first. When you make 100 beans on Monday morning, remember to call your good pal Joe. Remember to give good ol' Joe C. a cut, so I can move out of my mother's attic.

With Jim Plunkett in the pocket, the arm of the team is unbeatable. That guy is able to hit the stink off of-- something that stinks something real bad.

Coach Tom Flores knows how to get the attention of his men together. I mean, if he was able to get Cliff Branch to run more than five yards, he must be able to levitate or some other voodoo.

And Bob Chandler's expected to have up to seven TDs on Sunday. Seven, you ask? Wouldn't that break some sort of record? Well, I don't know. But it sure sounds nice.

Hell, even Derrick-freakin'-Ramsey's gonna score two touchdowns.

This game is the lock of the locks. I mean, not even zombie Houdini with five arms and a catheter could pull this shit off.

Final score: Oakland Raiders 132, What-er-place No-Balls 2. (Oakland gave them a safety to make the idiots feel better.

That's Joe C., known for service!


Editor said...

Joe! You cost me 50 beans. Again!

Anonymous said...

But the game hasn't been played yet. Again!

Experimental said...

I think Rexy will improve and their D will still be strong and Cincy is a lock. They have a way easier schedule going in, and much more healthy Carson Palmer.