Friday, January 23, 2009

Tonko: Liberal hack.

The first time I heard of Paul Tonko, I knew I would not like him or support him, well my beliefs that he would be a partisan hack, and all of the Republicans would be stuck with another motor mouth liberal whitewash like Paul McNulty, well according to he votes with the Democrats 93% of the time, and against only 3%, while abstaining from voting 4%.
He has co-sponsored only 1 bill, a bill calling for every American to recognize MLK day, like we don't? What a stupid vote.

Tonko's another partisan democrat hack, in other words another vote for Nancy Pelosi on every measure, except 3% of the time. I hope one day enough Republicans are in this district to actually bring a good representative to this area, and a good supporter of low taxes, pro-second amendment, Conservative policies.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Lets vote this bum out!!! We really need someone pro-2nd Amendment in out district. Although the gun laws in the capital district are tough, it does nothing to protect the common citizen. Arming more civilians with proper training would decrease crime. Why doesn't our elected officials understand this?