Thursday, January 22, 2009

Islamists Make Presence Known in France

France, which in part opposed the war in Iraq due to its increasing Muslim population, is now facing further problems. Beyond all of those riots that happened a couple of years ago, that is.

“It’s good that the fighting has stopped, but that doesn’t mean we will forget,” said Enis Chabchoub, 29, a computer trainer who was watching the news with his parents, siblings and sister-in-law. “This war will be remembered, and not only in Gaza.”

In France, which is home to the largest Jewish and the largest Muslim communities in Western Europe, the conflict between Hamas and Israel has deeply inflamed passions over the past three weeks. The emotions, strongly expressed in demonstrations that drew tens of thousands of people to the streets, were one factor driving diplomatic efforts by French leaders, including President Nicolas Sarkozy, to achieve a lasting cease-fire.

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