Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Schoharie May Pick Up Jobs

Schoharie County may be gaining some jobs in the near future as a cannery is being proposed. This cannery would be a boon to the local economy and provide economic stimulus in an economically depressed area. The Times-Journal is reporting that Paul Pehrson may have the project functional by this spring:

One cannery would be needed for vegetable and fruit; a second for meat, fish, and chicken; the cost per structure is $95,000.
Mr. Pehrson’s business plan calls for a three-year investment of $385,000 to get the project on its feet; after that, he sees it standing on its own for-profit feet.
Because of the way it would be set up, funding for the business could come through both private and family foundations, and through co-op membership.
Mr. Pehrson sees the cannery as requiring two to three shifts of six to eight hours each during the heavy production season of April-November with six workers and two working managers per shift.
He sees funding secured, boards selected, and employees hired by June, and 2009 production running from July to November.

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