Thursday, January 22, 2009

Castro: Did I Ever Tell You About How Great Obama Is?

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is now on the record praising our new President. What does this say about the strongman and what does it say about the President. And what does this say about the American people?

His remarks were disclosed by Cristina Fernandez, Argentina’s President, who met the former Cuban leader during a four-day visit to the communist island.

Mrs Fernandez said: “Fidel believes in Obama. He told me he had followed the inauguration of Barack Obama very closely, that he had watched the inauguration on television all day.

“He had a very good perception of President Obama.”

The Argentine premier said Mr Castro called Mr Obama “a man who seems absolutely sincere, who believes strongly in his ideas and who hopefully can carry them out”.

Well, Cuba is saying good things about us. That's change. I'll give the President the benefit of the doubt, especially considering he didn't go out and seek Castro's good graces. But this is still not necessarily a good sign.

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