Thursday, January 22, 2009

Turks Know How to Have Fun

Talk about the awesomeness of culture. From a Turkish news source:

Some 130 wrestling camels from the Aegean, Marmara and Mediterranean regions competed in the festival. Fighting camels do no work for nine months of the year, and in the competitive season, they fight only about a dozen times. Their owners pamper them and often become deeply attached to them.

Selçuk Mayor Hasan Hakkı Doğan, who delivered a speech at the event, said the camel wrestling festival, which is organized by Selçuk Municipality and Municipality Sports Club Association every year, contributes to promoting Selçuk and reviving the city's social events.

"The participation of thousands of people in this traditional event also helps the revival of economic life in Selçuk," Doğan said. "In this regard, we do our best every year to ensure that the festival is held successfully. This year, 17,000 people purchased tickets to attend the event. This number will increase in the upcoming year. This festival is very significant for our country's promotion as well."

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