Saturday, January 17, 2009

Come to Schoharie County and Hike Vroman's Nose

Also included in the scenic Schoharie Valley is Vroman's Nose, a place of wonder and history. It is an excellent hiking trail, containing multiple paths. On top of the mountain is the "dance floor," which is flat rock scraped so by glaciers during the receding of the last Ice Age.

It's also a place of history, where Iroquois Indians used to use before the advent of the Europeans. Timothy Murphy was also famed to have climbed the mountain.

Vroman's nose served as a focal point in the struggle of Schoharie Valley Patriots against the British Crown. The Lower Fort of the Valley was located under the shadow of the mount. It is also rumored that the hero of the battle of Saratoga, Timothy Murphy spent much time at Vroman's Nose, and in fact lived nearby.

Vroman's Nose has also been a windfall for the study of geology in Upstate New York, being a sort of geologic anomaly. [4] Vroman's Nose is considered a treasure and its history is in part maintained by Schoharie County Historian Harold Zoch.

It's free to climb and worth a trip...
Come visit if you can!

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