Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Without Lowe, Mets May Have Lost NL East

Today, the Atlanta Braves signed star pitcher Derek Lowe for a 4-year, 60 million dollar contract. The Mets were desperately trying to get Lowe, and with him going to the Braves the Mets have their work cut out for them.


Mr. d said...

Very good point.
By the way, where's the crochet lady!!

Anonymous said...

Since your theory is the Mets have lost the NL East and they haven't played a game yet, so are you handing the trophy to the Yankees since they have spent the National debt on pitching? The games have not been played yet. The man is a risk at 36 years old and I don't blame he and Boras for going after all the money they can get. But I don't blame the Mets for spending this kind of money on a pitcher of this caliber. Lowe does not guarantee a championship.

Michael Avitabile said...

Man, was I right. All the way back in January!