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Is Obama Satan? : The Anti-Christ Test

According to some religious groups, Obama is the anti-Christ and our world is at an end. Even for someone hardly versed in such matters, it is hard to ignore some of the similarities. There are 27 signs of the anti-Christ, and Obama has fulfilled a few of them.

A Whole Bunch of Similarities:

Sign 3: He will be different than other kings. (Daniel 7:24)

Obama has certainly proven this to be true, as he is the first black president and also has drawn some of the largest crowds to his oratories.

Sign 4: He will rise from obscurity (Daniel 7:8)

Obama again fulfills a prophecy. He was born to an American mother and Kenyan father, and lived in a very small apartment as a boy. It was least expected that during his lifetime, he would become president.

Sign 5: He will speak boastfully (Revelations 13:5)

We all know this to be true, as Obama has often boasted that he is going to solve all of our problems, especially in terms of the economy.

Sign 9: He will try to change laws, perhaps to benefit him (Daniel 7:25)

Obama has already started to change laws (as most politicians do), but his changes recently involving stem-cell research and abortion, are a little out of the ordinary.

Sign 11: He will confirm a covenant with many (Daniel 9:27)

He has reached out his hand (supposedly to the poor) and other special interest groups. The second part of this prophecy, the building of the temple has not happened yet, but we will see...

Sign 13: He will not answer to any authority (Daniel 11:36)

This one is a no brainer, as he is the President of the United States and does not answer to any higher authority.

Sign 14 (& 6): He will blaspheme against the religion of his ancestors (Daniel 11:37)

Remember Obama's comment about sticking to our guns and religion? Bingo! I need say no more.

Sign 15: He will worship no God but himself (Daniel 11:37)

Obama has made obvious statements disavowing religion, and has shown through other statements that he is quite self-absorbed. While this prophesy is not officially complete, this is something to watch.

Sign 19: He will conquer lands with military power (Daniel 11:39-40)

Despite all of his promises to withdraw all troops, Obama recently proposed a troop surge of 30,000 troops into Afghanistan, which is a little surprising for Mr. Peace and Love.

Sign 20: His arrival will be accompanied by signs and wonders (2Thessalonians 2:9)

Obviously this is true because our world is changing and some of the "wonders" that are happening involve changes in gay rights, abortion, and possibly the fixing of the economy.

Sign 23: He will be worshipped by many people (Revelations 13:3 & 17:8)

This is a no brainer as we all remember the Obama craze that happened during his campaign and after he won. The crowds he drew were much larger than any other event we have seen in the recent past, and his name and face were everywhere, even in toy stores.

Despite all of this, there are some key differences between Obama and the prophecy. There are some major prophecies that he either hasn't yet fulfilled or cannot fulfill.

Even More Major Differences

Sign 1: He will be of the ten kings in the restored Roman Empire, and his rule will like that of the Babylonians (Daniel 7:24)

We cannot say if this is or even will be true as, Obama has not been in power long enough to know. As to coming from the ten kings, the meaning of that in our world has yet to appear to me.

Sign 2: He will subdue three kings (Daniel 7:8)

This could mean his victory in the election over Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Mike Huckabee, but evidence to support this is at this time inconclusive. We will have to wait to see if this was indeed true or not, because this could mean something else.

Sign 7: He will oppress Saints and be successful for 3 and ½ years (Daniel 7:25)

Again, we cannot confirm this until Obama has actually been in power for longer, but it could happen...

Sign 8: He will try to change the calendar, perhaps to define a new era, related to himself (Daniel 7:25)

Obama has not yet tried to change the calendar yet, but we have a long ways to go before his term is over.

Sign 10: He will not be succeeded by another earthly ruler, but Christ (Daniel 7: 26-27)

Again we cannot know this for a long time so, this prophesy is not yet fulfilled.

Sign12: He will put an end to Jewish sacrifice and after 3 ½ years will set up an abomination to God in their temple ((Daniel 9:27)

As we have not had Obama as ruler for this long, we will have to wait to see if this is indeed true.

Sign 16: He will have no desire for women (Daniel 11:37)

This is certainly not true as we know that Obama is married and has children.

Sign 17: He will claim to be greater than any God (Daniel 11:37)

Even with all of his lip about religion, Obama has not yet fulfilled this prophesy, or at least yet.

Sign 18: He will claim to be God (2 Thessalonians 2:4)

Obama has not yet made such an obvious blunder as to say this, but again he has a long time remaining as President.

Sign 21: Either he or his companion will claim to be Christ (Matthew 24:21-28)

Neither Obama nor his companion (Which in this case I think is Biden) have said this as of yet but we will see.

Sign 22: He will proclaim that Jesus is false and that he is the Messiah (1John 2:22)

Another thing that has not yet happened, but I wouldn't write it off just yet...

Sign 24: He will hate a nation initially that will have some control over his kingdom, but will eventually destroy this nation (Revelations 13:8)

This could be talking about Saudi Arabia's control over us through oil, thus controlling our economy, but this is not a definite conclusion as there could be other allegories for this prophesy.

Sign 25: He will appear to survive a fatal injury (Revelations 13:3)

We all know that this has not happened yet, and this being the biggest prophesy of the 27, proves that Obama may very well not be the anti-Christ.

Sign 26: His name will be related to the number 666 (Revelations 13:17-18)

I cannot see how there is any correlation to the number 666 in Obama, but I am just one person, so perhaps there is.

Sign 27: He will be empowered by the devil himself (Revelations 13:2)

Many people have said that he is evil, but Devil empowered? I think not.


For those of you who were counting, the score rests as follows: we have 12 signs proving him the Anti-Christ, and 15 proving him not, including the most important prophesies of all (Signs 24-27). Therefore, it is my conclusion that OBAMA IS NOT THE ANTI-CHRIST. I do not agree with his policies, but I draw the line at those who would have the people believe that he is the end of the world.

He is 44 % the anti-Christ, Meaning that he is 56% Normal

I will update this list as the signs are fulfilled (if they are) and base my conclusions thereof. I f you wish me to do this test on any other famous person, comment who and I will do my best to do my test on them.

Elijah Duane Casabonne

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Matthew Avitabile said...

neat post--

you're catching up to joe

Hucbald said...

I'm pretty sure the A-C will be a clone - a man-made man - as someone God never knew (God knew us all from the beginning, before there was any universe, but would not have known a cloned copy of another man in the spiritual sense). Certainly, after the fatal wound that will be healed, this will be the case, but of course will probably not be generally known.

There may be more than one clone, in fact, as the image of the beast seems to fill this description as well. So, you end up with a powerful charismatic leader who rises from obscurity, is assassinated, and is replaced surreptitiously by a clone, and then a second clone is introduced so he can appear to teleport or to be in two places at once. Sounds about right for a faked miracle.

The technology is not yet in place for this, and neither is the political landscape of Europe sufficiently Roman yet. Nor has the third temple been built and sacrifices restored.

As for Daniel's changing of the dates and times, this is probably a reference to the Muslim calendar.

As the time grows near, things will become clear. Right now, they are still shrouded in fog, as God told Daniel they would be when he complained that he didn't understand the visions he was having.

Anonymous said...

Sign #8 is becoming fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just look up what Spike Lee said about Time being measured Before and After Obama

Anonymous said...

If you didn't have to stretch the truth about every sign you might have a point. It's a pity the depths that the so-called rightous will sink.

Hope you read this before you delete it.

Anonymous said...

This could be true except for the fact that god is imaginary and does not exist. Same goes for Heaven, Hell, devil, Jebus, and all various imaginary subplots.

I reject your god for the same reason you reject Thor, Lucifer, Zeus, et. al.

In summary, you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Sign 26 is fulfilled, just think: Barack Hussein Obama contains 18 letters, that is 3 times 6

Maynard's Blogs said...

Is this a joke? Most of your "tests" would apply to George Washington or Abe Lincoln.

Can't we put this sort of divisive, anti-American hate behind us?

Michael Avitabile said...

I laugh at some of the comments here... Man, it's clear that a lot of people who comment don't actually read the article.

Anonymous said...

Could #24 be talking about the United States and not Saudi Arabia?

Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama has 18 letters in it, the sum of 666, 6+6+6=18, also, 1+8=9, 27 signs, 2+7=9,

and reconstruction of the temple was started in july of this year, according to Israeli newspaper, the alter was started elsewhere, and will be moved to the temple mount when it is finished.

RWR said...

that addition doesn't make sense; sure it adds to 18, but his names aren't six letters each. It's 6,7,5. And anyway, a person with 3,10,5 equals 18 too, but it doesn't make him the anti-Christ.

Ronald Wilson Reagan anyone?

Savannah said...

If you find out the letters numbers of Barack Hussein Obama's name(a=1, b=2, etc). In order of his full name, you add the first 6 letter numbers up, and than subtract one, repeat until your done his full name. Your answer should than be 117. If you multiply 117 by 6 you will get an answer of 702. (His name has 18 letters in it. 3*6=18. If you take away the times symbol in that equation you get the number 36.) Subtract 36 from 702 and you will get the number 666.

Anonymous said...

do this test on prince charles of whales

2012 Press said...

Obama is the antichrist. See

Anonymous said...

his name is related to 666. its 18 letters long


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sign 25 he will appear to survive a fatal injury.... look up obama scars on the back of his head some people believe he had secret brain surgery

Anonymous said...

Sign 16: He will have no desire for women (Daniel 11:37)

There is a war on women now.

Anonymous said...

He is homosexual. It's come out that Wright and Jackson set up the marriage between Michelle and Hussein, in Wright's church, where they run the "Down Low" club.

Anonymous said...

ign 25: He will appear to survive a fatal injury (Revelations 13:3)

I don't know about you, but pictures i have seen show clear scars on his head of which nobody knows anything about due to his medical records being sealed. Some speculate brain surgery or birth marks.


Macey Killinger said...

God is totally real as heaven And Jesus not he could or couldn't be the antichrist...I h8 obama ...just like god does I <3 god:)

Anonymous said...


Kaitlin Allen said...

Using Hebrew gemantria his name does add up to 666. I agree with the above poster that his "no desire for women" could be the current war against women's rights. And amacey, get a grip, God could not hate Obama, just like Jesus forgave the men that crucified him. My Hell people, no wonder the world thinks we're nutters. If you break down the word AntiChrist it literally means one who is against God. Yes, there will be that person that just so happens to be the straw that broke the camel's back, that true antichrist, but I believe that every law, rule, ordinance, statute, piece of propoganda, and hidden adgenda that brings us further from the Devine was the work of an antichrist. There is a lot that is yet to happen, but I believe the person that fulfills all 27 of these prophesies will be the antichrist that our Father in Heaven warned us of.

Eric Nieves said...

Obama has claimed he is 'the god'

Anonymous said...

Whoever thinks any known man is the anti Christ is wrong. For the believers your anti Christ will be much smarter. In time there will be a person Who goes against your beliefs, your way of life, and go against all your idea's about the after life. He will not be the devil for humans but devil for God himself. This man will be your true anti Christ.

Anonymous said...

Please do not reject God. Read the book of revelation. Do you think we came from a monkey? The world was the big bang theory? Nooo God almighty made it all. You need to repent and ask Jesus to come into your heart. Heaven and hell are very real!

Anonymous said...

This is very interesting to read. God is the revealer of all things and in the end who ever the Anti Christ. Is he will be exposed.

Jenn Martinache said...
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Jenn Martinache said...
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Anonymous said...

If President Obama is seen as Satan, he is in GREAT COMPANY. Many suggested that JESUS CHRIST was Satan. Another thing, if Obama is the antichrist, then all of us who are writing and reading this is on our way to HELL because the Antichrist CAN'T come until the Rapture. So if he is here, we missed the RAPTURE.