Tuesday, July 21, 2009

2010 House of Representatives elections.

Over the past several months, I have done reviews/previews of possible Senate elections, Governor elections, hell, even the 2012 Presidential election & GOP primary I have also looked over. However, it is now time to take a look at the always annoying House of Representatives elections, which could go anyway in any election, and for some unknown reason - people pay far less attention to Congressional elections, then State Senate elections for some unknown reason.

The 2010 House of Representative elections are expected to be very interesting, especially with the re-charged Republicans, whom everyone expects to pick up a few dozen seats, however can they accomplish the goal of winning 39 seats, and thus winning back House control? I believe we have a good shot to win 40 seats, however I will settle with any positive number of seats after the horrific past two elections.

I cannot go through all 435 elections, as that would just be insane, however I will highlight the top 5 congressional districts/seats that the Republican party can win back from Democrat control.

1. Alabama's second congressional district - The district leans heavily Republican, however they voted for Democrat Congressman Bobby Bright, who won the election by under 2,000 votes. Given a very high percentage of his votes have been for the liberal positions, Alabama Republicans must be pleased with their chances of victory here.

2. Colorado's fourth congressional district - The district is as Republican as you will find, the main problem - for some unknown reason, Republican voters in this district ignored the Congressional election last year, which cost a Conservative congresswoman her seat. This district is open to victory, and with the liberal voting for the massive "tax & cap" legislation, the Republicans have a great chance at victory.

3. Florida's 8th congressional district - While this district has trended a little leftward, the Republican dominance still remains, and with the far-left liberal member representing this district being a full blown progressive, who is supporting all of these crazy liberal legislative proposals - a very strong GOP candidate could win this district back.

4. Idaho's 1st congressional district - This district is as Republican as you will find it, for some unknown reason they elected a somewhat Conservative Democrat into Congress. He won the election by only 4,000 votes. Given the Democrat has made some very liberal votes when it comes to abortion, and other issues - plus with a full stream of possible GOP candidates including the former Congressman Sali, other elected officials, and atleast one Military Veteran - watch out.

5. Maryland's 1st congressional district - This district elected its first Democrat in decades last election, that term could end rather quickly. Given the Conservative bent to the district, the liberal votes by the Congressman (including supporting the waste of a stimulus), and the uproar of Conservative opposition factored in with the Democrat only won the election by 3,000 votes, let the elections begin.

Full disclaimer : I am a Conservative Republican activist, my opinions are based on facts, but are slightly bended due to natural bias.

I see it as it is, we have a great chance at winning dozens of seats in the 2010 elections in the House, however I see these five seats as the easy must wins of the election.

If you have any districts which could fall into GOP hands, please comment at the bottom of this article.

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