Monday, July 27, 2009

Olbermann: Why Did Bush Attack Us on 9/11?

Nicolas Heyden
Trenton Press
July 27, 2009

Keith Olbermann has built his post-ESPN career on making direct challenges to the Republican and conservative establishments, especially the former Bush Administration. Olbermann famously called for investigations into the Bush Administration for alleged corruption and torture.

However, in an interview with a-yet-undisclosed national magazine, Olbermann has crossed a line that seemingly few are willing to speak about.

Olbermann formally announced that he believed that former President Bush and Vice President Cheney should be placed on trial on warcrimes for his 'complicity' in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

"The real difference here is not whether Bush ordered the attacks." Olbermann stated, "But either he or Dick [Cheney] nodded their head to some man in black and immediately after the towers fell.

"I also realize that maybe the Bush regime intercepted intelligence and let the [attack] happen anyway. That's part of the same argument. If you know that it is going to happen and you let it happen, you are also complicit.

"And the worst part is that Bush's response was so transparant and lacking true emotion. Rather than ask what could have caused the attacks, he just beat the drums of war. 'We need to attack Afghanistan.' 'We need to torture innocent people.' 'We need to invade Iraq.' 'We need to keep Americans in a constant state of fear.' That in and of itself is far, far worse than the actual events in 2001."

Asked how long he believed in what is commonly called the '9/11 Truth' movement, Olbermann shifted. He stated that he did not believe in a broad categorization of what happened, but simply that he "opposed with all his being the criminal excesses."

Olbermann has achieved top ratings on the cable news channel MSNBC with his show Countdown, which premiered in 2003. Since then, Olbermann's show has grown in audience, despite being placed against FoxNews' O'Reilly Factor and Comedy Central's Daily Show.

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1 comment:

Rickahyatt said...

First ask yourself why a CIA Director would become President in the first place. Then take careful note of all of the unpopular things he & his son did that eventually failed, but were of a Police State nature. The "Stimulus," for example, as "Popular" as it was, simply proved a failure.
Then realize that if 9/11 (Yes, the reason certain groups pushed through the telephone emergency number for ultimate terror) had have been in 2008, just before the election, what OVERWHELMING POWER The Great 0 would have had in miring our country in wars of attrition & failure against the "Axis of Evil," etc. etc. The Bushs effectively took the wind of the sail of an overall agenda of "Take Over At The Top." This is in quickstep with the CHICOM economic war, and The Big 0 is just their Economic Manchurian Candidate. (I know, I am one, myself & worked for the CIA many years) They wish to bleed our country dry with 1000 cuts, until our military can no longer defend the borders. Good news: They pull the plug on 0 with the birth certificate, and on the infiltrators on Congress with the still-in-limbo Chandra Levy (Gary Condit's "Disposal Service" for 33 years) Trial.
Pass it on.
By the way, if you want a "Impeach Obama" or "F*** Obama" or "WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?" bumper sticker or hat, to to*