Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mr. K's Letter to the Editor

Here's Mr. K's letter to the Times Journal from two weeks ago. I added some accents to emphasize Mr. K's points:

Dear Editor,
I am beginning to sense that Americans have lost their touch of remembering those that deserve it, and those that do not. Pop singer Michael Jackson died a few weeks ago, sure he was the king of pop, however much more important issues have been front and center across the Nation, more deserving then the non-stop coverage of a pop star who went down the wrong path.

On Independence day, Americans across this great Land celebrated the Declaration of Independence, the Founders of the United States, and all of the brave men & women who have fought for our freedom home & abroad over the last 233 years. Private First Class Justin Casillas was killed via a roadside bomb in Afghanistan, as he continued the long American tradition of fighting for liberty, freedom, and fighting against evil, terrorism, and the enemy.

Private Casillas has received virtually no attention from the media, only Conservative blogs on the Internet have been reporting on the sacrifice of this brave American hero. Meanwhile Michael Jackson has been followed on all channels and his entire three hour long memorial was broadcasted on almost every news channel; the true American hero private Casillas has been ignored.

I believe America has fallen off track. Being a Conservative, I believe America owes everything to our Soldiers who have fought not only for our freedom over the past 233 years, but the freedom of the world- several times over, I may add. However, we are paying more attention to a person famous for the "moonwalk", instead of paying attention to a common American who died for the most precious goal on earth - American Freedom.

Some think wars are a mistake, I believe that to be a fallacy; some think the Iraqi & Afghanistan wars have been a mistake, I believe that to be an insult towards America, our soldiers, and Freedom itself. Many have forgotten why we go into war, as the politics of the Democrat party have eroded the reasoning & the reasons. However I believe most know the reasons:

1.To defend America against terrorist threats, as well as to the destroy the enemy that killed 3,000 Americans on September 11th.

2.To fight for the Continued Freedom of America & the world.

3.Because it is just right, fighting to defeat an enemy who only has evil as a friend, and who wants to literally destroy the United States, our ally Israel, and Western civilization itself.
Back to the main point America, honor our troops, not pop singers. Because the continued fight for Freedom, is always more important then a few dance moves.
God Bless America & our Troops.

- Tim Knight, Richmondville.

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