Thursday, July 23, 2009

The insanity never ends.

I propose that we end this "birther" myth by enacting legislation so all candidates for President have to prove citizenship,so in three years the idiots will be proven as idiots, and the myth will finally be over. I get grief.

Obama proposes destroying the greatest health care system in the world, taxing American's (wealthy and not wealthy) to death, costing business owners billions of dollars, will lead to many workers being layed off/fired, the lost of Freedom, the end of Capitalism, and the complete beginning of the end for America. 40% of the country loves him.

Am I missing something?

Did I enter the Twilight zone while sleeping last night? I thought that solutions to end problems was the best answer for everyone, instead of a nightmare to replace the greatest health care system in the world, where anyone gets treated - with or without health insurance, I have no insurance, I still get the best medical treatment in the world, because I am an American.

The health care system is not perfect, but it is the greatest in the world. All Americans have access to it, no-one can be denied treatment, as that is against the law - and the hippocratic oath of the doctor. Regardless of what Senator Cardin says, the costs are not put on the backs of other Americans, you pay your own bill - whether it be right then and there, or over a course of time - I know from experience, the doctors & hospitals will work with you.

Then there is the part of Freedom in this debate, which so few have brought up. The Constitution defines a certain number of actions the federal government can do, this is not one of them. The Constitutional amendments also define a right to privacy, and the government running your health care violates that. Lets also look at it this way - this destroys Capitalism, actually it bans Capitalism in the private market, this destroys consumer choice, this destroys the right to not want health insurance, and this destroys what has made America great.

When it comes to any form of legislation, or any basis of an issue - I always begin my opposition or support based on one beginning principle, the principle changes for various issues & the legislation which follows, when it comes to health care - I have the choice & the Freedom in a Capitalistic Nation & as an American to either have, or not to have health insurance, and the government has no right to be involved, let alone force me or tax me to do other wise.

When we really look at it, there is no need for health insurance overhaul, and if we make reforms, howabout we do reforms which will strengthen the Private options, and hopefully destroy the public options (medicaid & medicare).

God Bless America, God Bless Capitalism.

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