Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama Quotes: See if You Can Tell Which are Real and Which are Fake

President Obama has been full of plenty of gaffes, but lets see if you can spot his worst ones. Note: Quotation marks represent exact quotes, while single apostrophes represent paraphrasing (or, in other words, I couldn't find the exact quote on the internet).

1. "Americans must realize that they must sacrifice wants in order to truly succeed in the future."

2. 'If you pass my stimulus bill, unemployment will not rise above eight percent.'

3. 'What I really enjoy is inter-league play in baseball; because of it, the Yankees and Red Sox can renew their rivalry.'

4. "Jimmy Carter has had the best foreign policy in the last forty years."

5. “I do think that there’s a different quality to what used to be Cominskey Field vs. Wrigley”

6. 'There are no earmarks in the stimulus bill.'

7. "Israel must realize that there are two powers that claim ownership in Jerusalem, and neither is more justified than the other."

8. "I will cut taxes... for 95 percent of all working families, because, in an economy like this, the last thing we should do is raise taxes on the middle class."

9. "In America, there's a failure to appreciate Europe's leading role in the world."

10. "Yoko Ono is the best thing to ever happen to the Beatles."

1. Fake. I seriously doubt Pres. Obama would ever say normal people will have to sacrifice anything. Rather, the rich will, and the middle and lower classes will live in paradise.

2. Real. Though touted as a "lie" by liberal commentators, the quote has been referenced by the Huffington Post and NPR, two news organizations that are all but conservative.

3. Fake. No, the President doesn't know that much about baseball, but I hope he knows that the Yanks and Nation are in the same league.

4. Fake. Or, at least, God I hope its fake.

5. Real. I'm sure all of the White Sox fans out there love the fact that President Obama got both names wrong of the old Chicago stadium, Comiskey Park, not Cominskey (extra n) Field. Oh, and Obama says he's a die-hard White Sox fan.

6. Real. Yeah, you should probably vomit after hearing that one. The Prez made that comment all the way back on February 9, and there have been over a billion dollars worth of pork since.

7. Fake. Though he hasn't said this particularly, the Commander in Chief has come scarily close.

8. Real. Yup, a campaign promise I'm sure you're familiar with, one that will almost definitely be broken to pay for the President's planned health care, stimulus, and stimulus 2.

9. Real. Chalk one more up for mean ol' America ruining everybody's life. I could just imagine how great the world would be without us.

10. Fake. I just added that one because no one could believe that. Not even Yoko Ono.

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