Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Hampshire Congresswoman just lost her re-election.

Once upon time, Democrat Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is a radical left-wing liberal from a traditional Conservative/Libertarian state, her approval/disapproval numbers are near even, a strong candidate in Mayor Republican Frank Guinta from Manchester has announced his campaign, who according to a recent poll shows him leading Shea-Porter by near double digits.

Obviously you can tell we have a great chance of winning in the first congressional district in New Hampshire just by these early reports.

Well, added by Shea-Porter claiming that the stimulus has improved the number of jobs in New Hampshire (the state has lost 16,000 during the recession, with the stimulus have zero effect), Shea-Porter has perhaps sealed her election loss by a new idiotic comment.

"I just wanted to make a couple of comments. I heard one of my colleagues say ‘waiting in line,’ that people would be waiting in line for medical care. I would like to say that many of my constituents would love to wait in line for medical care,” Shea-Porter stated. “They are yanked out of line because they don’t have coverage.”

1.All Americans are treated, you are never denied treatment if you do not have health care coverage, I should know - I have no health care, and I am always accepted right in the doctors office, the hospitals, etc.

2.We are Americans with the greatest health care system in the world, where we are treated within 40 minutes, why should we wait 8.5 weeks like in Great Britain? When we would be waiting 40 minutes with Capitalism?

I 100% demand that the Republican party in New Hampshire use this quote, and plaster it on every newspaper, radio station, website, television advertisement, whatever the hell they can. We can beat her, all Conservatives, all Republicans, hell, even all Americans no matter what party should be dedicated to defeating Shea-Porter, because not only is she a liberal hack, she wants to destroy the greatest health care in the world - and reduce us to waiting in long lines for treatment.....................when we wait 40 minutes now.

Wow, just wow.

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