Monday, July 27, 2009

Seth McFarlane is A Total Coward

Family Guy used to be the funniest show on television. It was also canceled twice by Fox and since its return several years ago has not ceased sucking. Family Guy's irreverent humor was replaced with a futile and unfunny attempt to be 'intellectual' while being totally careless in writing jokes. The result: Family Guy can't buy jokes today.

That's why the primary audience for the show lies in the 13-17 year old boys who can't wait for a vain attempt at sexual innuendo while watching Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. Middle schools are abuzz with pimply-faced kids with braces uttering: "Stewie said 'boobs.'"

Meanwhile, everyone in the post-virgin world takes one look at the abomination airing on Fox and states, man that show was once the bomb. Now all that's left of the Family Guy empire are the same jokes repeated through the same format.

And of course, even if the show's not funny, it could get points for being innovative or 'on the edge.' Sure, to a lot of 14 year-olds, jokes about a condom is rocking, but most of the attempts at pushing the envelope fall flat.

Take Seth McFarlane's attempts to 'be unique, like everyone else.' In one episode, he tries to shock the world by having Quahog legalize gay marriage. Wow-- supporting a movement that is rapidly growing in support! McFarlane is so edgy! Making fun of George W. Bush? No one, I mean no one, has done that before! I can't wait to buy the unedited version of the DVDs he's hacking!

Take the latest attempt to be 'controversial.' Family Guy was supposed to air an episode about abortion, but Fox is giving hell about it. What's so controversial? Abortion is not a new issue-- maybe in 1972 it would have been, but today? The majority of Americans support abortion rights-- wow-- he's really kicking in the door on like, oh yeah, no one.

But of course it's stated that Family Guy is breaking taboos because it takes on Republican issues. If Family guy really wanted to be edgy, why not take on an issue that could get it banned or cause violence? Seriously.

South Park has mocked Christianity and Islam, Jesus and Mohammed, society, racism, and, yes, even Family Guy. It was edited on-air and broke barriers ten years ago. And it's funny. But Family Guy is talking about abortion? Heh. South Park almost causes a jihad againt Comedy Central for planning on picturing Mohammed during the Danish comics controversy. That's satire.

Seth, take it from me. You're not funny anymore. It's not 1999. Get over yourself.

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Sully said...

Well said, Looks like it's jumped the shark.

Right Truth said...

We used to be big fans of Family Guy, but this season really sucked.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

I wanted to like Seth McFarlane, just can't quite manage it.

Aurelius said...

Good work, Matt, Seth McFarlane is probably crying himself to sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

Wow you sure told us how to feel about Family Guy. If there is anyone that deserves to be attacked it is Seth MacFarlane. I can tell by the number of supporters here you may be able to get the show cancelled!

Anonymous said...

South park might be on your intellectual level, but it sucks on every other level! And is not original or innovative.