Thursday, July 30, 2009

The 5 steps for the GOP to win in 2010.

Everyone who is anyone, has had their share of opinions on what the Republican party should do, to win back the hearts & trust of the American people in the 2010 congressional elections. These opinions have ranged from returning to Conservative values, from becoming as nutty & liberal as the Democrat party, my opinions is firmly in the Conservative camp, however we can also grow in other areas.

1. Be Conservative, keep to your principles in all legislation, It does not matter if someone claims this is a "crisis", because when you abandon your principles just to get something done, the only one that ends of hurting, are the American people.

2. Capitalism is the foundation of America. The only way for American to succeed, is to have unlimited Capitalism, in that I mean - 100% zero involvement from the government, we need the system back to where it started - run by the people, for the people, and for the people in the system of economics.

3. Americans do not like big government, we need to shrink the number of departments in the Executive branch, we need to massively shrink the government work force, we need to put forth term limits on Congress, as well as already on the President of the United States.

4. No working across the aisle. Principles are all that matter, and compromise erodes those principles of Conservatism which has made America great, for the principles of liberalism, which are making America a gutter.

5. One problem that has haunted the Republican party, is the addiction between black & hispanic voters to the Democrat party, it is rather simple how to solve this - stop playing race politics, and just tell the American people what you believe, tout GOP leaders in the black & hispanic circles, tout our Conservative principles, and explain the negative effects of liberal policy.

Well, that's my opinion, if you don't like it, I could care less. If you do like it, God Bless.

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Sir Galen of Bristol said...

Well said!

Gail said...

Those are good policies. But we need a little more direct action.

1. Repeal the Stimulus and the Omnibus spending legislation.

2. Recall the Budget, prune it to an acceptable level.

3. Scuttle, Cap and Trade, nationalized health care and any amnesty programs for illegal aliens.

4. Establish a "Clean-Up Committee" to start examining all federal legislation and repealing all that violates conservative principles.

5. Repeal the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution.

6. Restructure the House of Representatives so that is it truly representative of the American people rather than lickspittles and lapdogs to the President and political parties.

Best regards,
Gail S