Tuesday, July 21, 2009

F-22 National Security is risky & dangerous.

The F-22 is a hell of a fighter jet, so Senator Saxby Chambliss was pushing for more of these fine jets to be built, well the White House, John McCain, most Democrats, and even a few idiotic Republicans voted to end the building of new F-22 fighter jets, because of the new F-35.

I wonder if these fools pay attention to anything. Luckily for those that read this political blog, I your humble author, does.

1.The F-35 will not even be used until 2011, and because building new weaponry is a very long process - it could be delayed even longer. So it just makes sense to build new F-22 fighter jets until we have the new system, because being safe instead of attacked is always a good National Security plan.

2.Have these guys heard of the North Korean missile threat? Have these guys heard of the Iranian nuclear weapon threat? Have these guys heard that our ally Israel is planning to attack Iran, and that limiting our Air Force over the next two years - might be a bad idea.

3.I believe in fiscal Conservatism, I also believe we need to spend as much as possible on National Security. Spending two billion dollars on 7 F-22 fighter jets is a good investment. 2 trillion dollars on socialism, lost Freedom, and ruining the greatest health care system in the world is a bad investment.

I currently do not have the roll call for this vote, however I know that 15 idiotic Republicans voted for this, and that 25 Republicans, a few Democrats, and Joe Lieberman also voted against destroying the F-22 funding for the next few years. This vote will now move to the House of Representatives, hopefully Republicans will stand united on F-22 National Security.

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James_in_TN said...

While i feel its a shame that the program is over and i feel its probbly the best fighter ever built it is at 200mil a peice just way way to expensive.

The modern guided missile crusiers we build cost 800mil a peice so there ya go.

An excellent plane but the airforce being the airforce tried to make it do every single thing in the world.

innominatus said...

Figures I've seen say $140m apiece if the original number is built. All the R&D costs have to be divided up among the number of planes built - so building more planes=lower cost per plane.

Besides, the F-35 is kind of an ugly, underperforming turd compared to the Raptor. A nicely equipped Gulfstream G500 can run you $80 million, and a really nice one pushes $100 million. A plane as kickasstical as the F-22 and it's only the cost of a couple Gulfstreams? Seems like a bargain.

And all those skilled, high-wage people building F-22s who would be using their wages on house payments, college expenses, etc, will soon be unemployed. Great.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the F-22 is the only plane we have that has unquestioning air dominance capability against threats like the SU-30 series, the late model MiG-29s, and the French Rafale/Mirage 2000 which can be expected to go to our enemies in droves. The Typhoon Eurofighter is only just behind the F-22 and it passes the F-15 series. The latest Russian block of AA-11 Archer and AA-12 Adder missiles, with the "Shlem" sights for the pilots, and new Zhuk-Phazontron radars and superb agility of the MiG and SU airframes will be a handful for our pilots in any one on one. Given our increasing dependence on air dominance it is unbelievable that we would stop buying the one tool we have that will guarantee it. It will only take a few years of crashes and problems that render planes into hangar queens to further trim the F-22 numbers down further. Heaven knows how many years it will take to undo all of the damage that this knave Obama is causing to our nation and interests, with help from his fellow Democrats and RINOs.