Monday, July 20, 2009

The upcoming of Black Conservative Republicans.

I am not talking about "Chicken voting Michelle Steele" or "Americans are for big government, when their not Collin Powell".

I am talking about real Black Conservative Republicans, who are running for Office around the Nation. Some are also being touted as the best candidates, such as in the case of former and the last Black Republican in Congress, J.C.Watts who many are touting as the top candidate for the post of Governor in Oklahoma (sadly, he has turned down those that have been supporting him to run).

We also have Michael Williams who is the Railroad Commissioner in Texas, and a deep Red, White & Blue Conservative Republican. He will be running for the Senate seat in Texas, whenever it opens up - as the current Madam Senator Hutchison will either be retiring or running for another office within the next three years.

We have John Arrington from Illinios, who is a long time Conservative Republican Alderman, as he represents the real Conservative voice in the late great state of Illinois. He is the best option in comparison to liberal Republican Mark Kirk, who appears to have no substantial Conservative ideals, at all.

And in Colorado, we have Conservative Republican Aurora Councilman Ryan Frazier who is running for the Senate against the recently liberal appointed Senator Bennett. The 2010 GOP primary in Colorado could become interesting, as of now - Frazier is well liked to possibly be the nominee.

Michael Williams, John Arrington, Ryan Frazier - all strong Conservative Republicans. I could care less what color they happen to be. I support all four of them, I will support the most Conservative candidates. My support could change to a more Conservative candidate if I find one.

I just needed to make this point, Conservative Republicans come in all colors, from all backgrounds, and I believe those that are brave enough to stand up to the insults from the liberal intolerant left - need to be known.

Michael Williams for U.S. Senate in Texas -
John Arrington for U.S. Senate in Illinois -
Ryan Frazier for U.S. Senate in Colorado -

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Sir Galen of Bristol said...

Illinois, John Arrington made a very favorable impression on me when I met him, but we also have Dr. Eric Wallace ( in the race for the U.S. Senate as well, and I think he deserves a place on your list, too.

Roustabout Dad said...

Ryan Frazier is inspiring and just what the Republican Party needs, particularly in Colorado.

See his new ad: