Sunday, July 19, 2009

Construction sees no improvement.

Remember how the Stimulus was suppose to put Construction workers who have been fired back on the pay rolls? Well according to National labor statistics, and more interestingly state labor statistics, the big stimulus has done nothing. Not shocking me one bit, because I always believed the pitch that jobs were going to be created...are a joke - my reasoning is this, construction companies are doing horrible right now, they are not going to hire more employees for any reason, they will keep the same amount of employees & pocket the rest of the payments = no job creation.

Especially when the Obama administration is planning long-term major tax increases against all Business owners & Americans who dare make a profit.

Tens of thousands are losing their jobs in the construction industry, that is not surprising, this is a recession, a deep recession. However, the lies by the government - are ones we have never seen at this scope before. The waste, fraud, lies, & corruption just keep pouring in everyday.

The economy will continue to go straight into hell, especially if Obama raises taxes yet again on all forces of American private sector - via massive health care taxes, massive costs from the "cap & tax bill", and if they cram down a pro-union bill. We need to fight for Fiscal Conservatism & Capitalism my friends, or else....

Note : 25,000 in the Construction industry have lost their job in New York state since last May, this is not surprising, however the lies of the government are just dirty.

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