Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Senator Lieberman.

I believe, as a Conservative I have the responsability to email & contact representatives in the United States, on various pieces of legislation. I have decided, and I urge all fellow Conservatives, Republicans, Capitalists, etc. - to email Senator Joe Lieberman and plead that he stand against the current big government, socialistic, piece of destruction while will destroy the greatest health care system in the world.

I believe we have a shot with Senator Lieberman, lets execute our first amendment rights, and give representatives in our United States Congress, pure and unedited HELL.

"Dear Senator Joe Lieberman,

I am a concerned American in regards to the current health care reform bills in the United States House of Representatives & the United States Senate. I am 100% opposed to all government run, government involved or government controlled health care in America, the Democrats plans would do all three combined. I am opposed to the suggestion that health care is a "right", that is a downright lie, it is a consumer responsability to be able to afford it, to make payments, etc.

I am also opposed to the anti-Capitalistic features inside the bills, the horrible economic results which will result from these pieces of legislation, the government forced rationing on patients & doctors this will force, and the government order of "join or be taxed". My list of opposition's to these bills is endless, especially when it comes to the largest expansion of abortions & funding for abortions in American history.

As you can tell, I am a devout Conservative, who agrees with you on issues mainly concerning National Security, however this issue is to important, to not email Senators in the United States, with my first amendment guarantee of freedom of speech.

Senator Lieberman, I have heard & read your past stances when it comes to health care, it appears you favor TORT reform and various other Conservative proposals when it comes to health care, and from a recent comment - it appears to don't buy the need or notion for a "government run, public option".

I plead as a fellow American, please oppose the Democrat plan, please oppose the continued assault on Capitalism & the free markers, please stand against the ongoing big government socialistic attempts to takeover & destroy the greatest health care system in the world.

God Bless, Tim K., New York."

Senator Lieberman's email contact -

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Lieberman,

Please, have some sanity, perspective, and patience regarding the Health Care Proposals.

We can't think of any other issue before the Congress which will more deeply affect our lives than the proposed overhaul of healthcare. Whatever comes of this will surely burden and change all of us, our children, and our grandchildren. Our health, our wealth, and perhaps the even the survival of our country as we have known and loved it will be at extreme risk.

Let's stop this railroading of the healthcare bill. I can't find out what's in it, even the New York Times is vague as to what it contains. Stop this runaway train! Let us all get off, study the problem in detail and discuss it with the citizenry, then carry it to a well understood and reasoned conclusion. A few more months reflection might save a hundred years of misery.

We are sure you have not read the entire bill. It seems to be a pool of quicksand into which everybody is throwing amendments and unrelated pork barrel projects.

We deserve better. Why can't the Congress have printed a brochure to explain all this and send it to every citizen. The Republicans did this years ago with their "Contract with America".

Remember the first three words of the Constitution; "We The People......" Our government derives its power from the people, with the consent of the people, a government of the people by and for the people. This is what made our people, our government so wonderfully unique amongst all the prior histories of humanity.

We Americans are not ignorants cowering in our homes, we are intelligent, thoughtful people, and appreciate being spoken to intelligently by our elected representatives. Don't give us bull that these are complex issues beyond our understanding.

Pause to consider that we citizens, among whom are engineers, lawyers, physicists, philosophers, religious leaders, doctors, dentists, business administrators, employers, firemen, policemen, laborers, housewives, students, etc., collectively have a vast store of knowledge and common sense. If we collectively cannot make sense of the health care issues before the Congress, then how can you, who are no smarter than we, figure this out all by your self. Self-evident truth reveals the present proposal is flawed beyond all reason.

If you ignore the people, the people will soon ignore you.