Friday, July 24, 2009

Senator Boxer in trouble.

Senator Boxer has been in the news as of late, she has yelled at a Military man because he called her "ma'am", which is what soldiers are taught to call superiors, she tried to race gang the head of the black chamber of commerce into agreeing with the cap & tax legislation - he fought back against her, and she is supporting all of the things that her citizens in California are currently against - high taxes, illegal immigration, and God knows what else.

Well, along came Rasmussen Reports with a brand new poll on the state of the election in California next year, where anyone who proposes big taxes or big welfare for illegals will probably be shot on stage, doesn't matter which party. Well, Madam Senator Boxer is leading Republican CEO Carly Fiorina by just 4 percentage points, with only 45% support overall, in short - she is leading a candidate who has not even declared her intention to run.

Is this sign of things to come next election cycle? I hope so, however I just don't know. Liberals across America are showing horrible polling numbers in Connecticut, California, Illinois, Nevada, and various other states as well. I hope we can win all four seats, I hope we get 4 great Conservatives such as Senator DeMint in all four seats, however I just don't know.

The election cycle is going to be fun.

Rasmussen poll -

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Anonymous said...

Carly is not even the strongest candidate. She has name recognition in the state but also lots of negative feelings about her role in the near destruction of HP when she was at the helm.

The Republican to watch is Chuck DeVore from SoCal. He's been an assemblyman for 8 years and is retired National Guard officer. He's a solid conservative and the man to watch. He is already campaigning actively within the state.

Editor said...

I am also a big fan of Assemlbyman DeVore, I personally hope he can rally up big numbers, and give Boxer a good challenge.