Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama continues to oppose Honduras.

For anyone who has read this blog for the past few months, you know that I am a staunch supporter of the actions that the Honduras Military, Congress, Attorney general, and the Supreme Court took to oust a dictator, all of which was required by the Honduras Constitution. They stood for freedom, their Constitution (which is rare for a South American or Middle American Nation), their Republic, and their Democracy.

The entire world has been against the actions of which Honduras took, even after we learned that the dictator wannabe had his own results of the illegal vote on changing the Constitution he was pushing (before the voting was even suppose to take place), that vote by the way, which never took place, is illegal according to the Honduras Constitution.

While Conservatives have stood strong with the new Honduras government (a member of the former dictator's own political party, who legally followed the line of succession as per the Constitution), including Senator Jim DeMint from South Carolina, Obama and world leaders have stood with the dictator, for some unknown reason. Obama is just being consistent as an anti-freedom, American commander-in-chief, doesn't that just seem wrong, especially in this Nation which has historically & presently supported freedom?

Well Obama has took another step against freedom, by now having the state department revoke the visas of four Honduran officials working in the new (new as in new President, not as in new Constitution, military coup, etc.) government, once again standing against the Honduras Military, Honduras Congress, Honduras people, Honduras Supreme Court, the Honduras Constitution, the system of a Republic, the factor of Democracy, and is standing for a dictator wannabe.

What has happened to America?

- Breitbart.com report - http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D99NJ8R80&show_article=1

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Roberto Chahin said...
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Roberto Chahin said...

This is one of this times when the minority is correct. Although the majority of people in Honduras support the ouster of Zelaya (as shown by comparing the size of demonstrations), we are the minority in the world. The facts and logic are on our side. The pro Zelayas only have the stereotypes, myths and emotions, but that seems to be enough for most people.

Anonymous said...

Honduras has a constitution that says "You must have a coup when a President expresses a desire to remove term limits?" Wow!
Zelaya isn't a great guy, or even a good guy, but a coup is never legitimate. There's a better way to deal with him.