Friday, July 31, 2009

Will the Republican party learn in New York?

Congressman John McHugh will eventually be confirmed as the Secretary of the Army, by the United States Senate. Leaving a special congressional election looming in the upcoming months, to replace one of the most liberal Republicans in all of the House of Representatives, so liberal, he even supported the horrific "cap & tax" legislation, in other words - thank God he is leaving the Congress.

Now comes the exciting part, the selection of candidates for the congressional run. The Republicans have made a horrible mistake by selecting a far-left liberal Republican, who has agitated the base in the 23rd congressional district, has pissed off the all important Conservative party, and even has been supported by an ACORN affiliated group in the state. The Democrats main candidate has backed out, leaving them with pretty much no shot at winning. The Conservative party does not want to support the GOP candidate, as she is to liberal, however they are looking at fielding their own candidate, a Conservative Republican who lost to the Republican candidate during the selection process.

The Conservative party is looking at things this way : the candidates are not going to be official, until McHugh officially resigns his seat as Congressman, so the Republican party could still change their candidate at anytime, the Conservatives are leaning towards putting up a Conservative Republican in businessman Doug Hoffman, who can to a point self-fund his campaign, and attempt to rally the GOP in the 23rd congressional district to the more Conservative candidate.

If not, a brutal election could be upcoming in the 23rd congressional district, where it might be possible for the Conservative party to actually win this election, considering Republicans are not pleased with Assemblywoman Scozzafava as the GOP nominee, and the Democrats are looking at recycled trash in candidates, who have lost one in congressional races already.

I hope that the GOP & CPNYS come together and select the Conservative candidate, as that is what we need in Washington D.C. & representing the citizens of New York, so will the Republican party learn, or will a tough election be upcoming, I hope for the former.

Conservative & Republicans need to work together, especially when the Conservatives are the Republicans, such as myself, or else we will always lose out in the end.

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Anonymous said...

John McHugh is as much of a liberal as you are an idiot.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with opposition to Dede Scozzafava.

It is time for the development of a middle-of-the-road party. The Democrats and the Republicans are so extremely oriented that the voter has no real choice of a voice to represent his or her values.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Dede successful business.

Editor said...

I don't want a middle of the road party, I want a damn Conservative GOP party.

ConcernedCitizen said...

Which indicates to me that the North Country and Jefferson's Leaning Left

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

"Left, Right, Center, Moderate, Liberal, Conservative..."

In the end, we must have the best person in office to do the job.

It's not the wealthiest or who is money-ready or can get the most money, or who is the most-rabid from either wing... that's all background noise.

So, far, we have not heard one single issue being debated - so, let's wait and see. Those on either side - rabid as they may be and I respect that - may end up hearing and seeing a candidate that appeals to them without all the fluff and stuff, who actually is not "in their party" - and who knows the issues and has ideas and vision - now, wouldn't that be refreshing?


And, yes, I am one.

~ Dan Francis

Editor said...

One very important issue will be the health care vote, if Scozzafava is good on the very key health care votes, such as for - private health insurance, and against the government run crap that Demnocrats are proposing, that will change my tune when it comes to her.

You are right, we have not heard the issues, but I have heard enough of her to be very suspicious of her values & beliefs. I just want the most Conservative candidate, and then the most Conservative representive in Congress for this district, and every district.

Anonymous said...

The last thing New York needs is to be represented federally by a politician who has been party to our failed state government.